Samsung to push 8K MiniLED and 4K OLED TVs in 2022


Samsung aims to sell more 8K TVs than 4K OLED TVs in 2022, according to the report, with a series of 8K MiniLED models expected early next year. According to a report by The Elec, Samsung plans to launch a series of 8K MiniLED TVs in 2022, using its “Neo QLED” technology. Samsung's flagship line in 2022 will also include new 4K OLED TVs, some with panels from LG.

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Samsung's high-end TV lineup for 2022 will include 8K MiniLED, 4K OLED, and 4K MiniLED technologies, TheElec has learned.

The 8K MiniLED TV (7680x4320), which will carry the Neo QLED TV brand, will be the highest tier of three technologies, the sources said.

Samsung's MicroLED TVs are still the top tier among their TVs, but they only sell a few units, making it a more upscale model at the moment.

Among the “mainstream” televisions, the 8K Neo QLED television will be of the highest standard.

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Next come 4K OLED TVs (3840x2140), which is the second-highest tier among high-end mainstream TVs.

Samsung will use QD (quantum dot) -OLED made by Samsung Display and W (white) -OLED made by LG Display for these TVs.

LG Display's W-OLED can achieve an 8K resolution, but Samsung plans to support only a 4K resolution for its OLED TV lineup.

In fact, Samsung wants its Neo QLED branding to be higher than OLED, according to sources.

Just below the tier's 4K OLED TVs will be the 4K Neo QLED TVs, which will use MiniLED technology but only support up to 4K resolution.

Samsung aims to sell 3 million units of 8K and 8K Neo QLED TVs.

Their goal is to sell 500,000 units of 4K OLED TVs using Samsung Display's QD-OLED panel; For the 4K OLED TV using LG Display's Q-OLED panel, it plans to sell 1.5 million units.

Samsung was currently in talks with LG Display to acquire 2 million units of W-OLED panels as part of its plan to meet these unit sales targets, the sources said.

However, it remains to be seen whether Samsung's unit sales plan will be successful, given that OLED TV prices have fallen in the past two years.

MiniLED uses liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and there is a wider perception that OLED panels are superior in terms of overall image quality.

This means that cheaper 4K OLED TVs that use W-OLED panels can sell better than MiniLED TVs.

Meanwhile, Samsung plans to get LG Display W-OLED panels only for the 2022 and 2023 TV models. Starting in 2024, it plans to use only Samsung Display QD-OLED panels for its OLED TVs, the sources said.

This could be subject to change if OLED TVs, in general, prove popular to Samsung and you need to get more OLED panels.

Meanwhile, Samsung is expected to ship around 1 million units of Neo QLED TVs this year, which is lower than analyst firm TrendForce's September forecast of more than 2 million units September.

Samsung also plans to buy 4 million units of LCD panels from LG Display next year, which will be five times the amount it bought from the panel maker this year.

In fact, Samsung Display will leave its LCD business next year. At the same time, getting more out of LG Display provides an advantage for Samsung to deal with Chinese panel makers, who now dominate the LCD screen business.

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Source: The Elec


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