The smart door at CES 2022 has a Ring doorbell and smart lock built-in


The smart door at CES 2022 has a Ring doorbell and smart lock built-in. Masonite's M-Pwr Smart Door powers a Ring doorbell and Yale Home smart lock.

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Image credit: Masonite

Several of the best smart home devices are designed for your front door: video doorbells, smart locks, and door sensors that can trigger a smart home routine, like turning on the lights. We'd consider making your home entrance smart as a multi-step process, but Masonite hopes to change that with the first fully integrated smart door announced during CES 2022.

In collaboration with industry-leading brands such as Ring and Yale Home, the Masonite M-Pwr smart door promises the most connected entry door possible. So instead of hoarding a bunch of individual devices and figuring out a more efficient way to power each one, the M-Pwr smart door provides a comprehensive solution.

What makes the Masonite smart door different from your average dumb door is a built-in power system that is connected to your home's electricity. That means you shouldn't have to worry about replacing batteries - a common demand for the best smart locks, for example. And in case your home runs out of power, the M-Pwr smart door comes with a battery backup, so you can always protect your home.

At launch, the Masonite smart door will come with sensors, lights, a Ring video doorbell, and a Yale smart lock. When I asked the company about compatibility with a wider selection of the best video doorbells and smart locks, they suggested at least some modularity to accommodate next-gen devices. I can install a new smart lock whenever I want, but replacing the entire front door to keep up with advanced smart home technology is impractical, not to mention expensive.

The entire smart door test likely won't come cheap, either. As I've learned, you save thousands when DIYing your smart home, setting up a $ 199 video doorbell and $ 249 smart lock in your own time. The Masonite M-Pwr smart door is more of an elevated smart home solution for those who want and can afford a hands-off approach. It reminds me of something at the Control4 level rather than something I'd see at Best Buy.

And just like the Control4 smart home system, the M-Pwr smart door requires professional installation. You will need an electrician to connect the door to the wiring in your house. I learned about neutral wires and C wires throughout my own smart home adventures, but wiring a smart door is out of reach.

Of course, one of the luxuries of a smart door is customizing its appearance for your home. The Masonite M-Pwr smart door is available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, including multiple glass options.

It's currently being rolled out through build partners so we can't offer much information in terms of availability, but I think it's interesting to see how conventional household items are being adapted for the Internet of Things. Maybe the next thing is smart built-in windows, smart stairs, or smart cabinets.


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