iPhone 14 just tipped for key 'Pro' features


The iPhone 14 just got a tip for key 'Pro' features, including the 120Hz display. But the iPhone 14 storage rumor seems off the mark.

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To date, we've heard several iPhone 14 rumors that seem to put the iPhone 14 Pro in a league of its own, including the ditching of the notch and a new 48MP main camera. But a new report suggests that the standard iPhone 14 will get two significant updates that will bring it in line with the previous Pro generation.

MacRumors has seen a research note from Haitong International Securities where analyst Jeff Pu makes two big predictions for the upcoming iPhone 14.

120Hz Pro Motion display for all four iPhone 14 models

The first is that all four iPhone 14 models will support ProMotion, Apple's brand for variable refresh rate displays that can range from 10Hz to 120Hz, depending on what's being displayed.

That's interesting, given that ProMotion was only introduced to iPhones last year, and only then for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models. On the one hand, it seems unlikely that Apple will give away one of its key additional selling points (and it has Pro in the name). But perhaps the battery-saving benefits of a variable refresh rate display make it worth applying across the board.

iPhone 14 RAM upgrade

The second update Pu claims is that the regular iPhone 14 will apparently get an extra 2GB of RAM, taking it from 4GB to 6GB. That would make the entry-level iPhone 14 match the iPhone 13 Pro's 6GB of RAM, and while Pu had previously claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro would make the jump to 8GB of RAM, he has now retracted that prediction. According to MacRumors, a "supply chain check" made him re-evaluate, and he believes the phones will generally be 6GB, due to cost considerations.

While these features should be treated with some skepticism until proven correct, one final prediction appears to be so readily available that we'd be surprised if it actually came true.

iPhone 14 storage rumor is hard to believe

According to MacRumors, the note indicates that the standard iPhone 14 would be available with 64 GB of storage. Given that the iPhone 13 currently starts at 128GB, this seems implausible to us. What makes this prediction even weirder is that the analyst claims that the Pro models will start with 256GB, double the base 128GB capacity offered by the iPhone 13 Pro now.

Expect the rumor mill to continue for some time, as the iPhone 14 isn't expected to arrive until September 2022 if the decade-old form remains correct. That said, we're expecting the iPhone SE 3 much sooner, and it could be as little as two months.

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