MacBook Pro 2022 launch with new chip and display size


MacBook Pro 2022 launch with new chip and display size. A new 14-inch MacBook Pro with an Apple M2 chip could be coming later this year. A 2022 14-inch MacBook Pro with an Apple M2 chip has been proposed to replace the current 13-inch Macbook Pro M1 later this year, with the 2022 MacBook Air launching alongside it.

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That's according to tech insider Dylandkt on Twitter, who also noted that the Apple Silicon transition will be complete in Q4 2022, with the Mac Pro being the last machine to get Apple's custom chip; this will apparently be an evolution of the M1 Max chip.

While Apple released the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips last year, the M1-equipped MacBook Pro 13 is still available as an entry-level Pro device. But that will be obsolete once the next MacBook Air arrives, as it's set to get an M2 chip that will focus on efficiency rather than the raw power of the latest M1 chips.

Much like the MacBook Pro M1's relationship with the MacBook Air M1, an updated Pro model with an M2 chip will effectively provide a machine for people who want a few extra ports, possibly a larger screen, and a larger chassis for better viewing. cooling and therefore more performance At least, that's what we'd expect; we are currently unable to verify this claimed information.

What's also unclear is whether this rumored entry-level MacBook Pro will have the mini-LED display found on the latest models. We suspect that Apple could stick with the LCD found in the MacBook Pro M1, as the mini-LED might be too expensive to install on a machine that could target the more affordable end of the MacBook Pro property.

Other rumors about the MacBook Pro 2022 are scarce. And there's always the case that Apple doesn't release an upgraded entry-level Pro machine, especially if its spec sheet bears too much resemblance to the 2022 MacBook Air. But then, as we've seen with the current iPad lineup and iPhone 13 range There are models of these devices to fit a variety of price ranges, so it would be unprecedented for Apple to do the same with the MacBook family.

Whether Dylandkt's information is correct, we won't know for a while: he suggests that the new MacBooks won't be released until the second half of the year. However, those of you who are eagerly awaiting new Apple products before then shouldn't wait too long, as an Apple Spring event is rumored for March or April; expect the iPhone SE 3 to be among the products shown there.


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