Upcoming Drones from DJI for 2022


Upcoming Drones from DJI for 2022: Thanks to a recent tweet, the 2022 announcement list has been leaked. According to DealsDrone, several drones will hit stores this year, from updates to the Mini to the reveal of the newest Inspire. More details are below.

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There have been a couple of rumors about DJI drones coming out this year. One rumor, from OsitaLV, included sketches of a DJI Mini 3, with likely specs as well. DJI's software development kit is being updated to allow developers better access to basic drone functions.

Therefore, making third-party applications more compatible, according to some third-party manufacturers. The big leak, however, is the alleged timeline posted on DealsDrone Twitter from December 9th. That leak names the timeline in which DJI will announce 3 new drones and 2 new camera accessories.

DJI Mini3:

Coming in 2022, the DJI Mini lineup is looking to upgrade. Two different leaks show when and how the DJI Mini will upgrade to the Mini 3. Possibly released in April, the Mini 3 will come with some nice upgrades while staying under the 250-gram weight limit at a low cost. and EU.

Expectations are high for the Mini 3, with many sources claiming a larger image sensor with 4K 60fps video. Perhaps more sensors onboard for obstacle avoidance and tracking functionality. One source claims that the arms of the Mini 3 will be more angled to allow for larger propellers in the same frame size. It could increase top speed and flight times with minimal added weight.

Overall, the Mini 3 is unlikely to outshine the larger Air or Mavic lines, but it will still be the sub-250 gram lightweight champion of the market.


A fun surprise was the inclusion of an "FPV Mini?" in the second column, the seventh row of the filtered schedule. It seems that DJI is looking for a smaller FPV drone to launch in July. However, it is not clear what the different rows mean. This drone seems to have the least amount of information and speculation available from the DJI leaks.

Is it an FPV version of the Mini 3? Or is it a mini version of the DJI FPV? Only time will tell, plausibly in July. What we hope to see in the FPV Mini is a better-designed frame that is easier to repair. FPV drones are much more prone to crashes and damage just by their nature, so making the FPV Mini more user-serviceable could start to make a dent in the FPV scene. While the original DJI FPV has style, the style falls short in use. Hopefully, the Mini FPV doesn't follow that pattern.

Inspire 3:

That would be the main drone if the rumors are true. The DJI Inspire line has not been updated since 2016, an eternity in the technological field. The Inspire 3 release has been rumored on and off since 2018, with a number of sketches similar to the rumored sketches of the new DJI Mini 3. However, if this timeline is to be believed, the Inspire 3 could finally see the day in September.

Being DJI's professional drone offering, with swappable payloads and heavy lift capabilities, the Inspire 3 will certainly follow and offer incredible specs. The DJI Inspire 2 ranged from $2,999 to over $20,000 with premium accessories when new. So that price is likely to be what the Inspire 3 will command.

Rumors from 2018 pointed to a higher-end 8K camera option, which could very easily be a higher-end 10k or 12K camera offering now. Hopefully, DJI will keep the same iconic design from the previous Inspire line, with a few small frame redesigns to reduce weight, but it could go either way. With such a long pause in the update cycle, Inspire could have had a complete overhaul! Either way, it will be great to see a new Inspire drone come out.

Phantom 5:

While not listed in these recent rumors, it seemed like the DJI Phantom line was going to rot until early 2020. Rumors have been flying ever since, with no official information and only alleged photos to go on. Will we hear more this year and see an update to the Phantom 4?

SDK update:

A new update to the SDK (software development kit) promises to allow third-party apps more access to basic drone features, prompting companies like Drone Harmony and Litchi to revamp their platforms. While there are no official release dates for these third-party companies, they have told sources that IOS SDK support is still being planned, but Android updates are now available. Usually, these updates are released at the same time. Speculation is that updates to the SDK will come out this month.

Camera accessories:

Also on the leaked timeline are the DJI Pocket 3 and the DJI Ronin 3. The DJI Pocket is their stabilized pocket camera that is essentially a Mavic camera on a stick rather than a drone. I bet the Pocket 3 will have the same specs as the DJI Mavic 3. It is rumored to be released in November.

It looks like the Ronin line is getting an upgrade as well. The leaked schedule has RS3 and RSC3 launching in June. The upgrades here are likely to be lighter, more stable, and perhaps even more camera capable. With high-end cameras becoming more accessible, the RS3 could be designed to carry larger, higher-quality cameras (ie BlackMagic URSA Mini or RED Komodo).

DJI drone rumors for 2022, conclusion:

It looks like it's going to be a great year for DJI. The potential launch of three new drones, Mini 3, FPV Mini, and Inspire 3, and 2 updates to their cinematic props. The Mini 3 is reportedly scheduled to launch in April, followed by the FPV Mini in July and the Inspire in September. While the Ronin 3 is scheduled for June and the Pocket 3 comes out in November. Keep an eye out for announcements from DJI to confirm these rumors.


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