This iPhone trick can switch on live captions: iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 users should check it out


iPhone Trick: Learn about these iOS 16 features that will turn on live subtitles on your iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and all supported models. Know how to turn it on. No matter how much you know about your Apple iPhone, there will always be something hidden in there that will surprise you. In recent years, with every iOS update, iPhones have come a long way with new features, user experience, and accessibility. In fact, Apple continues to pack iPhones with new features to make your daily tasks easier. And with the latest announcement of iOS 16, Apple has brought exciting new features to further enhance the user experience.

iPhone Trick

This iPhone trick can switch on live captions: iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 users should check it out

Such an interesting feature is the LIVE subtitles. It can be a very useful tool while watching a video on your iPhone. Basically, it uses the intelligence of the iPhone to automatically generate subtitles, or in other words, transcribe the audio or video that plays on your iPhone screen. But you should note that your iPhone, whether it's the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE 3, or other compatible models, must be running on the iOS 16 public beta.

Once you enable the live captions feature, a dialog box will be displayed at the bottom of your iPhone screen. This will read live subtitles along with the video. Interestingly, you can also customize the dialog such as Font, size, and color by modifying the background color and opacity, making the text more opaque, border style, or highlighting it. The box has four options: hide, pause, microphone, and expand. So if you want to enable live subtitles on your Apple iPhone running on iOS 16 beta, then get to know this step-by-step guide.

How to enable the Live Captions feature on iPhone

Step 1:
First, open the Settings on your iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and more. 

Step 2:
Once the app opens, then scroll down to the “Accessibility” option and tap on it. 

Step 3:
There, you will need to scroll to the “Hearing” option from the list.

Step 4:
Tap the “Live Captions (Beta)” option. Now, switch on the toggle button for the Live Captions under the System section.

Step 5:
And it’s done! After following all these steps, the Live Captions feature will automatically be enabled on your iPhone whenever you play a video.

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